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About us

Real estate business often turns into a nightmare due to a number of organizational, administrative and other supporting actions necessary to finish up the job. Our professional staff will be happy to use their yearlong experience to facilitate your real estate business as much as possible, performing all of the supporting actions that make it so complicated for you, whether it is about buying, selling, building or renovating property. At the very professional manner we'll take care of finding buyers (or sellers), thorough examination of documentation, mediation during the sale or settlement of tax liabilities of the customer and submitting all documents required for registration to the court.

If you are you looking for the way to carry out the real estate business quickly, successfully and problem-free without wasting your time, money and nerves, contact us with confidence!

We are offering exquisite luxury properties which include villas and real estates first line to the sea.


Villas we can offer you not only villas located near the sea and overlooking the sea, but also you the facilities at beautiful locations in the inland area. These are buildings surrounded by olive groves with private pool where you can enjoy undisturbed.

Real estates first line to the sea

We can offer you seafront real estate with stunning view from their windows and balconies. You will feel as though you can dive into the blue from your very window which is not entirely untrue. Our objects are so close to the beach tah you can safely go down to the sea in a bathing suit and being close to the beach is also very convenient for families with small children.