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Porec used to live from farming and fishing, and today tourism is the main activity that drives the economy. The first tourists were members of the Austrian nobility. Because of its outstanding geographical position, it is one of the biggest tourist centers in Croatia. We can say that since the 70s Porec metropolis of Croatian tourism. City of beautiful cultural and historical monuments, gardening and cleanness, the wide selection of various accommodation and rich hospitality and tourism, especially sports and recreational facilities, make a favourite destination for tourists.

The peninsula on which the rich Poreč old tow grew has been inhabited for thousands of years. The historic core is preserved in. Look for the Northern Tower along the bay Peskera and continue southwards towards the Five Tower at the entrance to Dekumanova street, and the Round Tower overlooking the waterfront. Within the ancient walls can visit basilica, House of Two Saints and Romanesque house, and evidence of life from ancient times near the oldest square Marafor. Specifically, Porec boasts the largest Roman sanctuary in Istria, Mart Temple, north of which are the remains of the Temple of Neptune. The most valuable cultural asset of Porec, Basilica Euphrasiana, 1997, was included on the UNESCO`s World Heritage List. Early Christian assembly only fully preserved monument of the time in the world.

It was built in the time of Bishop Euphrasius, in the 6th century, and includes an atrium, baptistery, bishop's palace, the mosaics and the remains of sacred buildings from the period from the 3rd to the 4th century. The mosaics that decorate the interior and the facade of the church are among the most valuable legacy of Byzantine art, and thanks to the preserved floor mosaics and inscriptions can be read all the years of its construction and renovation.

If you find yourself in Porec in early September you can join the swimming The Porec dolphin. The hosts are inviting you to swim how ever you like - fast or slow, on the inflatable pillow or in your robe...